I would like to welcome everyone, from my longtime supporters to our new support team. The ability of this campaign to make real change starts with you. From all the efforts made in 2010 and 2014 to your continuing commitment to win the 2018 Assessor's race, I sincerely thank you and plan to work hard in order to achieve our shared goals. "Doing the job right!" is our simple, yet powerful motto, which embraces everyone's desire for their elected officials to do their jobs properly, and show progress every year. Advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Assessor's Office is my number one priority by reducing financial waste from improper valuations and re-thinking poorly functioning services. With my specific changes to procedures and policies, we can vastly reduce time wasted and money spent in order to put money back into Los Angeles County that directly benefits you. Millions of dollars are being lost each year due to improper assessments and executive referrals along with an understaffed and poorly equipped Assessor's Office. A vote for Krish Kumar is a vote for an efficient, effective and ethical government.

I am committed to run the Los Angeles County Assessor's office fairly, ethically and to the highest standard of accountability to provide the people of Los Angeles County the services required to keep the American dream alive.

Assessors Responsibilities

What We Do
  • Responsible for discovering, valuing and assessing all real and personal property in Los Angeles County as required by law
  • Clearly identify and apply exclusions and exemptions
  • Produce an accurate and timely assessment roll that determines the amount of taxes levied, collected and distributed to fund government services
  • Maintain public records including parcel maps, building records and ownership information
What We Do Not Do
  • Set the property tax rate or establish property tax laws
  • Compute or mail out property tax bills
  • Collect property taxes