Meet Krish
From the very beginning Krish Kumar was LA all the way. Raised in the South Bay, Krish quickly developed into a positive member of society. As a member of KIWIN'S, the community's service organization, he was deeply rooted in public service from a young age. Upon graduating from Torrance High School, he furthered his academic ambitions by receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Riverside. Krish left UCR as a well-rounded adult, having held a wide range of jobs, from within the university to franchise management.

Shortly after college, Krish made the decision to pursue a career in public service by becoming a State Certified Commercial Appraiser, working for the Santa Barbara County Assessor's office. Once gaining vital experience in Santa Barbara, Krish took his knowledge, and love for his work home, to the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office. With the Los Angeles Office being one of the largest in the world, Krish quickly amassed valuable skills and experience enabling him to earn his Advanced Appraisal Certificate. With this professional achievement he joined the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), and has worked as both a residential and commercial appraiser. Krish didn't stop there; he is currently working towards the technical advancement for the Los Angeles County Assessor Office, as member of the Business Solution Division. Krish has truly followed his goals as a proud public servant, developing a unique set of skills with experiences from Assessor Offices in Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. His wealth of knowledge and understanding of the Assessor's Office, gives him a clear advantage in his professional career as an Assessor.

Krish Kumar's path to life of serving others is no surprise coming from a family who has dedicated their lives to giving to the community. Both of his parents have provided Krish with shining examples of service and commitment to their community. From his father who has over twenty years serving for the Department of Health Services, to his mother who worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Finally with his sister serving for the Public Defender's Office, the Kumar family has truly established them as the family that serves with dignity and dedication

As an assessor and as a member of society Krish Kumar can be held to the highest standards, with his years of experience and his incessant commitment to serving of his community. Krish has an unparalleled sense of ethics, and will always be accountable to fairly assess all taxable real and personal property. His dedication to his work and his undying passion to changing the department for the better is who Krish Kumar is and is why he is prepared for taking the next step toward his goal as County Assessor.


I am committed to run the Los Angeles County Assessor's office fairly, ethically and to the highest standard of accountability to provide the people of Los Angeles County the services required to keep the American dream alive.